Turn Your Car Into A Mobile designer Office

Turn Your Car Into A Mobile designer Office If you are a busy 50 home based business owner, you may have noticed that your work-at-home job has turned into a work-in-car job. I have been operating a direct marketing business out of my designer home since January 2010, but I spend a considerable amount of time on the road in the 15000 zip code area.

One day, I realized that the back seat was covered with designer samples, the floor was covered with designer brochures, and the dash was covered with sticky notes.

I have a beautiful office in my designer home: it is organized, comfortable and well-supplied. Why couldn’t I create a mobile version of my home office in my car?

I got to work. I headed out to my closest designer office supply store. I purchased a hanging file folder for paperwork and sturdy plastic boxes to organize samples in my trunk. (One of my designer team members uses heavy cardboard banker’s boxes to hold samples. She thinks they are easier to label.)

Next I had to tackle the little stuff: paper clips, sticky notes, and pens. I found that cup holders can be great organizers.

If you want to invest in gadgets for your car office, there are endless possibilities:

  • Car desks that are secured with a seat belt
  • Car printers
  • Wireless mouse you direct with your thumb
  • Device that turns your cigarette lighter into a USB port

To be a successful designer network marketer in designer, I need to be ready when a sales or recruiting opportunity unexpectedly presents itself. Now that my car office is organized, I am much better at capitalizing on these opportunities.

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P.S. It may be a good idea to tell your 50 auto insurance provider that you use your car for more than commuting. Some carriers don’t cover claims for vehicles that are used as mobile offices. Discuss your situation with your agent to protect yourself and your designer business.


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