‘Don’t Worry Mom, I’m Saving The World!’

Dont Worry Mom, Im Saving The World!

50 parents: do you know what video games your kids are playing? If you haven’t looked through their games for a while, it’s probably time that you did. While playing rock band or sports games can be fun and entertaining, other games can be wrongly influencing your child with graphic violence and course language.

Some designer parents are unaware that many games have become more questionable when it comes to content. Many companies that sell violent games target their marketing at younger boys even though mature ratings specify seventeen and up. As with most forms of entertainment, the video game industry has continued down a slide of immorality and vulgarity.

Many 50 kids rationalize: ‘Oh, they don’t affect me,’ or, ‘It’s just a shooting game,’ or ‘I’m only killing zombies,’ or, ‘I can turn the blood off.’

I believe that many 50 kids are being desensitized by very graphic portrayals of violence and criminal behavior.
Especially if they play hours on end.

Video games with the mature rating have become as bad or worse then R rated films. It is up to designer parents to monitor their children’s game purchases and decide what is and what isn’t allowed.

If your son or daughter wants to play questionable games, discuss the content and explain why you object. Show concern for your kids by monitoring their games and limiting their playing time. Remember that video games, like other leisurely pastimes, can interfere with school.

I know some designer parents who have hidden the gaming controllers because their child kept sneaking improper games into the house.

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