Fresh Ideas For Healthy Meal Planning In designer

Fresh Ideas For Healthy Meal Planning In designer

designer children’s nutrition experts say that family mealtime is a must for designer parents who want to know what their children are eating and stay on top of their kids’ nutritional needs. But with busy schedules, allergies, and different food preferences, planning meals can be a challenge. Here are some fresh ideas:

To simplify things, first make a list of all the foods your kids enjoy, healthy and non-healthy included. Study this list to discover ingredient combinations or cooking techniques they prefer. Then find recipes for healthy meal makeovers.

Make your own frozen meals. Just double or triple the recipe of a favorite casserole dish and store the extras in the freezer so the next long day or unscheduled event won’t tempt you to eat designer drive-up or unhealthy microwaveable convenience meals.

If members of your family have allergies or are super-particular, make a large plain meal and have lots of healthy toppings available so everyone can customize their own meal. This works great for tacos, pizza, sandwiches, salads and baked potatoes.

Another time-saving tip for designer parents: cook enough hamburger, steak, or chicken breasts for two or three different meals during the week.

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The following article was used as source material for this post:
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